EMF / EMR sources in the workplace

Radiation sources in the house/workplace

EMF/EMR sources in the workplace:

The use of electric and electronic equipment in the workplace is more diverse and common than in our house. Industrial Electric equipment and electronic office equipment are the backbones of almost every business. The use of electric equipment gives us the power to perform actions that a single man could never do before. The use of electronic equipment enables us to communicate, to control, to program, and better manage our work. To Try cover all possible sources of EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) is almost impossible so we will try to create a short list of the main possible sources.
  • EMF/EMR low-frequency common sources in the workplace:

    • Everything with an electric motor (power tools, heavy machinery for example) 
    • Air conditioners 
    • Electric power cabinets 
    • Power supplies and voltage converters 
    • Fans 
    • Computers and laptops
  • EMF/EMR High-frequency common sources in the workplace:

    • Wireless communication equipment, DECT and other types of cordless phones 
    • WiFi routers and equipment 
    • Radio and Tv transmitters. 
    • Bluetooth equipment 
    • Yours and others cell phones when using it, and once in a while when in standby mode.

How to limit the exposure?

In your workplace you are limited more with the amount of control you have over the sources of radiation and with the changes you may make in your surrounding area. The same basic rule that applies with EMR sources inside your home applies in this case as well. By following some basic rules you can reduce your exposure to EMR at your workplace.

    • Keep a safe distance from working electric and electronic equipment.
    • Minimize the use of cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth and cell phones while in the office.
    • Disconnect electric equipment from the power socket when not in use.
    • Turn your wifi off when not using it.

Pictures of EMF/EMR sources at work:

above - ELF magnetic field emitted from a lab equipment

above - very crowded with lots of ELF lab

above - very crowded with lots of ELF lab

above - very crowded with lots of ELF lab

above - ELF + Dirty Electricity emitting CFL 

above - ELF magnetic field measurements from CRT  (upper) and LCD (lower) computer screen

above - RF emission from a WIFI access point

above - nicely arranged low ELF lab

above - RF measurement on the working desk

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