EMF/EMR sources in the great outdoors

Cell phone masts/antennas and radiation sources outside the house

Outside the house

While you are outside the house, on a trip, on your way somewhere, or if your house or working place are close by to an EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) source, you may be exposed to outdoor EMF/EMR sources in high and low frequencies.
  • Low frequency sources:
    • High and low voltage Electric power lines.
    • Electric substations.
    • Street power converters.
    • Electric transportation power lines.
  • High frequency sources:
    • Wireless communication facilities.
    • Cell phone masts.
    • TV and radio broadcasting stations.
    • WiFi and WiMax regional communication equipment.
    • "Smart City" components
    • Military communications, Radar and Electronic warfare equipment.

How to limit the exposure?

You have some control over the EMR sources in your home and workplace by keeping a safe distance, minimizing the use and unplugging the source of EMR when not in use. When you are outside you have almost no active control over the EMR sources. What you have control over, is yourself, and yourself only. Using some products that are available on the market, you can control your exposure and reduce it to the minimum possible.

ENF/EMR sources outside the house

EMF/EMR protection

an EMR protection heat in the making EMR measurement at the window.  EMR measurement at the window after the EMR blocking 

 Fleece jacket  Sewing radiation blocking cloth wearing the fleece to wherever I need to go.

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