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ELF - Extremely Low Frequency Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation in extremely low frequency, around the 50 Hz which is emitted from electronic and electric devices, power lines, motors, electric and electronic transformers, electric appliances and more. Its intensity usually decreases significantly after few meters, but it is very expensive and difficult to block it.

Frequencies of ELF 

  • 0Hz-300Hz
  • Mostly 50 or 60Hz

Units of ELF

  • mG - miliGauss
  • uT - micro Tesla

Specific types and sources of ELF

  • Every electric cable
  • Electric appliances
  • Electric power plants and infrastructure
ELF sources list, details and pictures

Characteristics of ELF

  • Not directional
  • Very hard to stop and block (compared to RF)

Other names of ELF

  • Electric radiation
  • Magnetic radiation
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Electric Field
  • Magnetic Field
ELF Electric and Magnetic fields

In the picture above - E is Electric field. B is Magnetic field.

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