5G Deployment 

As long as there is no formal recognition in the possible biological and health effect of non-ionizing radiation, it will be impossible to develop and deploy wireless communication, infrastructure, and devices that will be safe for our health!


This is exactly what happens now in the deployment and the race for 5G in the cellular market. 
5G means more antennas, closer to more people homes,
more infrastructure, and devices that emit more RF radiation. 
These will be developed and deployed according to heat-based, non-protective so-called safety standards. 
The exposure of each one of us will increase, and the health symptoms will follow. 
More and more people will develop health symptoms because of the exposure to more RF radiation. 
As in the case of smart radiating meter, more people will get sick, while the formal view of the FCC and the FDA will remain "it is safe". 

Preview to 5G

5G is a cod word to a variety of cellular and wireless technologies that will be deployed and used in the next few years. 5G in the cellular market is expected to introduce higher communication speeds while shortening latency time. It is expected to support the enormous increase in data over the network as more services are offered and more devices are being sold and used.
The problem is that current so-called safety standards are based on the theoretical assumption that RF radiation have no possible health risk other than heating of the tissue. This assumption has been proven wrong again and again by studies (including the NTPO 2018) that showed biological effect and health problems even when exposure to RF level did not cause any heating. Since heating of the tissue accords only in very high-level RF levels, the current so-called safety standards are very high. Working according to these faulty safety standards allow the deployment of high power, smaller 5G and 4.5G antennas next to houses and working place and to the introduction of more devices that will emit RF radiation high enough to cause a long term health risk.
Therefore the 5G deployment is expected to raise the number of people having their health damaged by day to day exposure to RF radiation.
Over 200 scientists and experts from around the world are calling for the halt of 5G and for better safety standards - http://www.5gappeal.eu/

In the following video, a short preview to 5G - https://youtu.be/JKaoLxw0qJI

The problems in 5G

  1. More environmental radiation exposure from more cell towers and more wireless infrastructure.
  2. More wireless and cellular equipment that will radiate and transmit in the near about of every one of us.
  3. The result will be an increase in the environmental and personal exposure to RF radiation of the whole public.
  4. The result of the increase in the exposure will be an increase in the number of people that are suffering from the health effects of EMF exposure. The number of EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) people will increase. The first signs of EHS are headaches, heat sensation and tingling sensation on the skin during the use of a cellphone. I suspect that about 30% of the public can already feel that. I predict the number of people feeling and suffering from EMF radiation will increase. The severity of the symptoms will also increase.
  5. EHS people will be more and more isolated from everyday life. As exposure to RF in pubic places will increase, it will be impossible to find a place to work, live, shop, get service, without exposure to RF radiation.

The principles of 5G communication

  1. Higher data transfer speeds that will allow more data to pass in a shorter time.
  2. Shorter response time between the time of sending of a digital signal and receive of it on the other end of the connection (LATENCY).
  3. Higher bandwidth in each wireless connection.
  4. Better ability to service more devices at once, while decreasing the size of a cellular cell.
  5. Every electric and electronic device, cars, buildings, lights, machines, clothes, wearables, doors, roads, windows, air-condition, water heater, stoves, ovens, smart house devices, smart public transportation, smart cities, and many more infrastructure and devices will create the "Internet Of Things" (IOT).
the internet of things

In the picture - "Internet Of Things" (IOT).

Ways to implement 

  1. Wide deployment of large, mid (reduced size high power antenna) and small antennas to create smaller cells - The deployment is done on electric infrastructure, light poles, buildings, dedicated poles from the ground and many more ways, to create a dense network of cells. The idea is to have eye contact with at least one antenna where ever you are. The outcome is an antenna on every corner and in front of residential buildings. Many of the new antennas are installed in front of buildings with a minimum, or no safety distance.
    This irresponsible deployment of antennas will expose many more people to strong RF radiation in their homes and workplace.
    It is expected that in the first stages of the deployment mostly large and mid antennas will be deployed. As the process continues it is more likely that tiny cells will be deployed as well.

    5G antenna on electric polls

    In the picture above, reduced size high power cellphone antenna. 
    Source of pictures  - 

    reduced size - high power cell phone antennas used in 5G

    In the pictures above - reduced size cell antenna on light poles in front of peoples homes

    option of reduced size cellphone antennas on street electric and light polls
    In the picture above - options of reduced size cellphone antennas on-street electric and light poles

  2. MIMO - MULTIPLE INPUTS MULTIPLE OUTPUTS - The idea here is to send data to each device via several antennas at the same time. The device will also have several antennas to receive and send data. This will allow higher speeds and bandwidth. In order to achieve that, there is a need for more antennas in the vicinity of each device.
    MIMO - 2 antennas serve devices in one buildings.
    In the picture above - MIMO - 2 antennas serve devices in one building.

  3. PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA - these antennae are able to direct the RF transmission in a certain direction without moving the antenna itself. The Antenna is built from an array of small antennas that are controlled by a single control unit. The control unit can change the level of the RF emitted from each small antenna, the frequency, and phase. Changes over these variables can change the direction of the beam that is formed in front of the array. In theory, this technology can save a lot of energy (and reduce environmental exposure, as the transmission is created only to the selected direction and not 360o. So far I have not seen any proof that this technology reduces the exposure.
    a direction beam  formed out of a phazed array antenna
    In the picture above - a direction beam  formed out of a phased array antenna

  4. Increase the use and deployment of micro/pico/femto cells inside buildings. These RF emitting, small cells will service their immediate surrounding in line of sight. Due to the misunderstanding of the health effect of RF radiation and the levels it accords in, these devices are considered to be "low power/ low radiation" although high RF levels can sometime be expected few meters from them. These small cells are very popolare inside office buildings, hospitals, hotels, malls, public and government buildings.
    In the picture above - micro cells in an office building in Israel

  5. Using optical fibers to bring fast communication to the antennas, wireless access points, and last mile devices - in the last few years optical fibers is becoming more and more popolare. In the 5G deployment this infustrature will be used to connect to cell towers, street antennas, wireless access points and last mile service hubs. If the communication from these last mile service hubs to the hubs and access points to the users will be wireless, we will see additional increase in the exposure level.

  6. Wireless mm wave point to point - lots of point to points wireless communication ports and antennas are expected to be deployed between one mast to the other, between mast to buildings, traffic lights, security cameras, industry buildings and communication centers. These point to points are expected to radiate RF radiation in the millimeter wave spectrum. The signal is expected to be very directional with small lobs. They are expected to be "over the heads", but in some case it is possible that people will be around them, For example in the case behind one of these antennas there will be a higher building.

    Point to point wireless antenna
    In the picture above - several point to point wireless antennas on the roof of a building.

The Technologies that will be used in 5G

  1. Use of RF radiation in frequencies below 6GHz (mostly 3.5-3.6GHz, 700MHz, 600MHz bands) between the cell tower to the users.

  2. Having said that, few devices (for example Samsung S10 and A90-5G) are already equipped with higher frequency communication with the cell tower.

  3. Use of RF radiation in frequencies above 20GHz (28GHz and 36GHz bands) to communicate between antennas, access points, point to point and buildings.

  4. The use of IR (Infra Red) technology - for communication inside close spaces, for example offices.

  5. More mide use of SMART MESH networks - In these networks every device receive the data from another device next to it, and send it farther on to the next device. This technology is the same used for smart meter in the USA and CANADA (and Australia). Using this technology is expected to be used in small house or office devices and will most likely increase the personal exposure even more.

  6. Use of RF communication standards between devices and appliances such as Z-wave, Bluetooth 5 and 6, ZIGBEE and more.

5G will be used as the infrastructure of

5G cellular network 

Wide use public cellular networks for smartphones, laptops, tablets, cars, and other devices (for example houses). Enabling higher speeds and more data (will allow 8K video and virtual reality streaming). Will increase the dependency on cellular networks, somethings on the expense of wired landline technologies that their use will be reduced. The introduction of 5G wireless service might increase the past these older, safer, more reliable land line technology will fade away. Connecting house hold to 5G wireless networks will increase the past of this change and will increase the exposure to EMF.


The IOT vision is a future in which every device and appliance will be connected to the network. Some all the time, some once in a while. This will increase the number of transmitting devices in the house and office, and will increase the personal exposure to RF radiation.

In the house - wireless connection of appliances
In the office - wireless connection of appliances and equipment
In the cell market - wireless connection of peripherals to enhance the smart phone feature list.
On the road - smart road, wireless communication between vehicles (V2V) to achieve the Autonomous car vision
In Industry - Fully automation of the manufacture process via sensors, devices, equipment and robots communicating between each other.
In the city - Smart Cities with all kind of wireless control, security (face recognition), service and traffic systems and networks will increase the public's exposure to RF.


In this vision all the city infrastructure is wireless and computerized. It means more wireless point to point connection, more control over infrastructure, trafic, service, police, security camera with face recognition, privet and public metropolitan communication network between public buildings schools and other municipal buildings , wide area WIFI cover, smart meters, smart buildings...
These networks will be in the ownership of the municipal authority and will increase it dependency on professional communication infrastructure and management companies.


A rapid increase in the medical devices and services that will use and required RF emitting wireless connection, including implants.

Pictures of 5G (and 5G evaluation) antennas deployed in the USA over 2018-2019

5G and "5G evolution" antenna over a residential area 
5G evolution antenna over a residential area
source www.howtogeek.com

אנטנה סלולרית 5G בקרן רחוב

אנטנה סלולרית על עמוד תאורה
 source -   circa.brightspotcdn.com

אנטנה סלולרית על עמוד תאורה
 source -  circa.brightspotcdn.com

אנטנה סלולרית על עמוד תאורה

בתמונה - אנטנה סלולרית על עמוד תאורה מתוך האתר - www.govtech.com 

אנטנה סלולרית בעמוד תאורה , סרטוט ותמונה

 source -  bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com

אנטנה סלולרית בלב שכונת מגורים

 source -  - www.ecori.org

Recommended Video about 5G deployment 

Michigan hearing 2019 - https://youtu.be/kp0_zGHH3KA

YouTube Video

Federal hearing over 5G - https://youtu.be/ljLynbr5iPc

Montgomery hearing - https://youtu.be/h-vQpPubrgo

Santa Roza Hearing - https://youtu.be/je5JYITfM6k

People getting hurt by 5G in the USA - https://youtu.be/z34ukXhIigo

A Mother Speaks Out Re: 5G Cell Antenna Place Outside Home; What All Mothers Should Do - https://youtu.be/YreYeGzQo04

ABC article about 5G small cell towers next to peoples homes

Scientist talk about 5G

PhD Martin Pall about the dangers of 5G deployment - https://youtu.be/kBsUWbUB6PE

MD Sharon Goldberg about the health effect of 5G in Michigan hearing - https://youtu.be/CK0AliMe-KA

PhD Anjy Colback about the health effect of 5G in michigan hearing - https://youtu.be/BtstzRC1nI0

TV Article from the USA and rest of the world

Both sides of the 5G story - CBS - https://youtu.be/57hHyGHffmU

ConsumerWatch: 5G Cellphone Towers Signal Renewed Concerns Over Impacts on Health  - https://youtu.be/61h_vuBujw0

NBC: Hundreds Do Not Want Small Cell Towers Near Homes: Montgomery County - https://youtu.be/UABsTk17bEI

Anti 5G, pro life protest around the world 

Places in the world that halted (for now) the deployment of 5G

In several location (mainly provinces towns and cities), after public requests and protest, a temp hult of 5G deployment have been issued. The hult will be in affect until a review of the possible health risk.

Portland USA - https://prepforthat.com/portland-blocking-5g-networks-over-health-risks/?fbclid=IwAR0PdBBzx44KR9tpGufxoYNp4WS-FlOq_V3WX2rtBpedyfquix8tCx1RZiw

Brussels - Belgium - 5G Pilot have been preponed over possible health risk - http://www.brusselstimes.com/brussels/14753/radiation-concerns-halt-brussels-5g-for-now
The decision have been accepted after the cell phone carriers companies asked to change the current safety standards to allow the deployment.
The Environmental protection ministry replied "I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not," Environment minister Céline Fremault (CDH) told Bruzz. "The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt," she added.

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