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Explanation about the site structure, pictures, slideshow, video, links.


On this site, we have included many pictures and slideshows (as the slideshows below) that are also available on our Picasa web folder.
In order to view the original picture or slideshow in full size please double-click on the picture.
You can control the playback of video clips and slideshows by clicking on the visible buttons, pausing, going back and jump ahead, stop and restart.
You are most welcome to enter remarks on our Picasa web pages.

Link to our Picasa web albums

Mobile Phones

At work


In the house


Most videos on this site are from our YouTube channel (as the video below). You can always double-click on the video clip to view it on YouTube page. 
When viewed on YouTube, additional information may be available and you can read and leave comments and remarks. 
You are most welcome to enter remarks on our YouTube channel.


about www.norad4u.com


Most links in this site should open in a new window so www.norad4u.com will stay open on your browser.

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