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Preview to EMF/EMR and EHS

Preview to Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF / EMR) and Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS)

Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation(EMF/EMR) is all around us

 Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or Electromagnetic Fields(EMF) is all around us. We are exposed to in at our workplace, in our home, in our car, and even when we are outdoors.  In order to see EMF/EMR you need to use special meters and monitor. Mainstream Science is still trying to find definite proof to the health effect of electromagnetic radiation, while the evidence is accumulating the final verdict is not clear. As the spread of EMF/EMR is increasing a new medical condition called Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity is becoming more and more common. EHS people develop wide health issues and symptoms as they are exposed to EMR.


Devices that emit EMF/EMR

  In today’s world, we use all kinds of devices and technologies that produce EMF/EMR of several types and many frequencies. Electric appliances, electric cables and wires, Electric-gas-water  wireless meters, computers, communication devices, mobile phones, mobile phone masts, cordless phones, wireless Internet, terrestrial TV broadcast transmitters, AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters, radar, military weapons, military equipment and many more, all emit electromagnetic radiation.


Measuring EMF/EMR

 Electromagnetic radiation has no color, smell and you can’t feel its presences before it becomes too late. Most people are not aware of the amount of electromagnetic radiation they are exposed to in their daily life. In order to notice electromagnetic radiation, you need to use special detectors, meters and monitors. In order to understand what you measure you need some knowledge and experience in measurement and electronics.


What does the science say?

 Only now the mainstream science starts to understand that even low levels of electromagnetic radiation can cause long-term health issues. For example, the safety standard for low-frequency electromagnetic radiation (caused by electric high voltage lines) used to be 1000 miliGauss, and only recently the main-stream science acknowledged that even a low level of 2 miliGauss – 500 times less than the original safety standard is a possible cause for cancer. Today all streams of science and regulation authorities understand that the old safety standard for low-frequency electromagnetic radiation was a mistake which some people paid a heavy price for. The standard for high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (Radio Frequency-RF and microwave) is still very high and takes into consideration only one possible damaging effect - heat. As far as today's high-frequency electromagnetic radiation safety standard is concerned, levels which do not “cook you” do not harm you. Today‘s high-frequency electromagnetic safety standard doesn’t take into consideration any long-term damage to the body and cells that is caused by non-thermal radiation levels.

 As the years pass by, there are new testimonies, studies evidence and proofs that the mainstream science is wrong in his perception of the risks from high-frequency electromagnetic radiation as it was in understanding the risks from low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.  An example of that is the Interphone study on cell phone usage and its link to cancer. This study was half sponsored by the European Union and half by the cellphone industry and it is considered to be a “mainstream science study”. The study showed an increased risk of developing two types of brain cancer for people who used the mobile phone for more than 27 minutes a day. The study was full of flaw and problems that according to most views, could have contributed to the fact that the elevated risk which the study showed was actually lower than the real risk. An example of such a flow is the claim (showed by some of the study’s results) that in some cases using a cell phone protects people from having a brain tumor, which is of course unreasonable. Appendix 2 of the study tries to correct this and shows even higher risk for developing brain cancer for people who use a cell phone. The Interphone study is just one example of a main-stream science study that starts to show the real picture behind exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The current trend of studies that find a health effect to EMR exposure is likely to increase as we get more long-term data.

 On the other hand, independent scientists and research institutes, all over the world, have been claiming for years that Electromagnetic Radiation exposure is not healthy. Researchers claimed that there are no safe radiation levels. Some studies even showed some changes in the body and in the cells' operation at very low radiation levels. These researchers claim that these changes, over time, can harm one’s health and may contribute to health problems, cancer, and even death.

For more info please see the studies page on this site...

Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity

 For some people, exposure to electromagnetic radiation will cause immediate health issues and symptoms. These people are Electromagnetic HyperSensitive, or EHS for short. EHS people will feel the radiation several seconds or minutes after the exposure starts. When an EHS person is exposed to EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) he/she will soon develop several health symptoms like headaches, fatigue, confusion, orientation problem, memory problems, vertigo, and many more symptoms. The effect this condition has over a person's life is overwhelming. Being an EHS reduces the person's quality of life, limits the ability to make a living, and also drastically affect one's social life.  EHS persons are the brightest warning lights about the risk and health effect of electromagnetic radiation and of the wireless and cellphone technologies.


Using electromagnetic radiation emitting devices and technologies can be very comfortable in the short run, but it does have a health price we will all have to pay in the future.

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