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Personal RF Protection for EHS people

Using Radio Frequency(RF) emitting devices while wearing Personal RF Protection should be avoided! 

Preview to Personal RF(Radio Frequencies) protection products and techniques

In this page, we will review several Personal RF Protection products, such as hats, clothes, and blankets, that can be used by Electromagnetic Hypersensitive (EHS) people in order to reduce their exposure to RF radiation. 

Personal RF Protection is for EHS people only. 

Personal RF Protection should be used only after you stopped using all RF emitting devices and made every possible effort to reduce exposure in other means. 

The target of using Personal RF Protection is to help EHS people that feel bad when exposed to RF radiation, in areas and condition they can't control the source of the radiation. Personal RF Protection should EHS people to feel better, for longer, with fewer symptoms and better recovery time. 

Few basic principles in RF Protection:

  1. Personal RF Protection should be used only after RF testing, exposure reduction, and only after the EHS person has stopped using RFR emitting devices, such as smartphones, tablets, wireless laptops, routers, cordless phones...
  2. Personal RF Protection is for EHS people only.
  3. The protection never helps in 100%. It's target is to reduce the user exposure as much as possible.
  4. The main principle of Personal RF Protection is that we will use RF blocking fabrics placed between you and the source/environment in order to block some or most of the RF from hitting your body and had. 

RF Protection hats and caps

A few years back I bought an RF protection hat on the web. It was expensive (~US$35) and my experience was that it had no drastic effect. A few other EHS persons reported that it helps them more than it helped me.

A year after, I created an RF protection hat from shieldon© RF blocking fabric and later on, I created a few more hats for me and several other EHS friends, most of them reported that it helps them. I was able to show that the hat is blocking RF EMR with RF meters I have in one of my videos.

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Link to RF blocking hat video...

My experience with the hats I made myself is that they are very helpful. I wear such a hat every time I go out, and most of the time at work. It allows me to function better when the RF sources are above me (WIFI routers, Cellphone masts and so on). It does not protect from RF sources that are below you.

We also have several RF blocking caps that can be attached and sew onto most baseball hats.

RF blocking hat

Picture – RF blocking Hat

RF blocking / protection cap

Picture – RF blocking caps

כובע חוסם קרינת רדיו

Picture - RF blocking bucket hat

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RF protection clothes

Some people think and believe that the human body itself is a source of EMF/EMR. In some cases, it would not be a good idea to wear clothes that block the body's own EMF/EMR. In addition, as said before, each person is different. An RF blocking fabric can help one person and at the same time, it will not help the other.

It is possible to get several types of clothes that are made from RF blocking fabric. These RF protection clothes are sold around the net and are usually expensive. I tried to wear these fabrics (custom made) on my body but felt no drastic effect. For now, I decided not to wear these RF protective clothes, except the RF protection hat which I wear daily.  I might try wearing them again in the future. 

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Video introduction of our RF Protection Jacket

RF protection Jacket

Picture - RF protection Jacket

RF Protection pants

Picture - RF Protection pants

Shirt made from RF blocking fabric

Picture – a shirt made from an RF blocking fabric

Pents form RF blocking fabric

Picture – a pair of pants made from an RF blocking fabric

RF Blocking Fabrics

There are several manufacturers of RF blocking fabrics. I am not familiar with any ELF blocking fabrics. As explained before on this site, while it is easy and cheap to block RF  EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) it is very complex and expensive to block ELF.

I tried several types of RF blocking fabrics and each one was different in the frequencies it can block and to the extent, it can do so. If you want to buy these fabrics, first try to get the characteristic charts of the fabric so you can see which frequencies it can block and to what extent.


Click here to view a video on SHIELDON(C) RF blocking fabrics...

Click here to view a video on YSHIELD(C) RF blocking fabrics...

Shieldon fabrics

Picture – shieldon© fabrics


I use these fabrics mostly as a cheap and portable way to block RF from penetrating office walls so I will be protected at my work (as much as possible). It can be applied to the wall and then removed, fairly easily, if needed. It is possible to get these fabrics in different colors so it will be similar to the wall's original color. I also carry these fabrics with me when traveling and use them when staying in hotels. Some of the fabrics are see-through and can be used as curtains or as bed canopies.

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RF blocking fabric applied over an internal wall

Picture – office wall protected with RF blocking fabric

Please see more info about EMF/EMR protection, blocking and shielding on this site