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EHS & EMF/EMR stories

Sharing EHS and EMF/EMR stories

In this page, we will publish the personal stories of EHS persons from around the globe.
If you want your story to be published here please send the following details to

Subject: "my personal story as an EHS person"

The email body should include

  • Name / Nickname (if you don't want to reveal your name that is OK, just use a nickname).
  • Age
  • Profession
  • Number of years having EHS
  • How did you become EHS?
  • How did you find out that you are an EHS person?
  • Details about your life as an EHS person

You can include also

  • Description of your radiation exposure before becoming an EHS person.
  • Information about what you do in order to ease the symptoms of EHS.
Sharing our experience with the world is very important, It could help others, so don't be shy send your story today!

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Map of EHS people around the world