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EHS Medical Diagnosis

Does your headache all day long?

Do you feel pain inside your head after using your cellphone, mobile-phone, smart-phone or cordless phone?
Do you have one or a few of these symptoms?
Do you feel tired after using your wireless PC (desktop or laptop)?

Then you might be an Electromagnetic HyperSensitive (EHS for short) person!
Please read on!!!

Medical Diagnosis of EHS

Most doctors do not know or acknowledge the existence of EHS. From those who do, most don't think it is possible that it is related to EMF radiation.
Some doctors do acknowledge that EHS is a real medical condition and is related to exposure to different types of EMF radiation. 
The ICD code that should be used is: ICD-10-CM   W90.8XXA 


The Diagnosis process

  • Pre self diagnosis of the EHS person by himself.
  • Recording the person's  complains  
  • Rolling out other possible causes for the symptoms by running all kinds of medical health.
  • Reviewing the medical background of the person (health condition, mental health, chronic health issues).
  • Recording the person's symptoms during exposure (not by running exposure sessions but by documenting the symptoms and health condition in periods of time when the exposure of this person is still high). 
  • Running special tests to see the levels of biomarket for EHS
  • Recording and documenting improvement in symptoms after exposure reduction is done.
  • Working according to the Austrian protocol for EHS diagnosis and treatment. 

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In order to start coping with EHS, we recommend following the "4 Steps Program"

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