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This site was created in order to spread awareness to the public about Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) and Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS). In addition to this site we run 2 blogs, a video channel on YouTube, and Facebook fan-pages. We also answer direct questions and comments via email and always try to help and to share our knowledge. The creation, maintenance, development, and improvement of this site cost us money, time and resources. We try our very best to bring you new and updated information about EMR and EHS. Surfing this site is 100% free and with no strings attached. 


If you like to help the effort and donate to our site we will be very thankful. The donation will be used only in order to buy new equipment and tools like: 

  • New EMR meters 
  • Video microscopes
  • Video editing software
  • Video cameras, still cameras and photographic equipment

All these tools and equipment will be used to improve this site, create more video clips and to bring you and others new information. It will also allow us to invest more time and effort into our web activities to spread awareness about EMR and EHS.

Thank you for your interest and donation!

Thanks a lot!


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